Happy Belated Leap Day!

I had this grand idea to post something, anything on Leap Day. I only get this chance once every four years, so how could I waste this opportunity? Well, I did. I don’t want to wait four years to post this, so here’s the material I had.

Leap Day has always interested me. What do I do on this extra day that we only get every four years?

Usually the same thing as the day prior and the day that comes after. Nobody treats this day like the special day that it is.

I suggest there be some sort of something to celebrate the day. Not very specific I know, but I can’t think of anything that would suit the day – and that could be why nobody has done anything with it. Even May Day has an event for crying out loud.

Leap Day is a holiday dammit!

See why I didn’t want to wait four years to post THAT.


About Mike Mixdorf

A budding writer giving thoughts on a plethora of topics. Also available for parties.

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