GameStop Will Never Get My Money Again


Image by Moe_ via Flickr

I can’t remember the last time I bought anything from GameStop, but it’s going to be long time before I ever do again.

I used to go there all the time, especially about ten years ago during late grade school and into early high school; I can remember going to GameStop with my dad to pick up the newest version of Madden on release day. But no more.

I refuse to shop at GameStop because of their amateur and slimy business tactics.

GameStop swindles the sellers of used games by only giving a minuscule amount in return for the game, all the while selling those used games for a higher cost compared to the prices of other outlets with the same used game. Also, there have been many reports of stores shrink-wrapping traded-in games and selling them as new copies for full price. For example, I can buy a new game for $60, trade it in right away and get $25 back, as GameStop re-wraps it and sells it as used (or even new) for $55.

But there’s more.

This latest story is just further proof of why GameStop will never see my face in one of their stores again. Canadian EB Games stores (owned by GameStop) were recently emailed and TOLD by management to take off the “used” stickers on traded-in games and shelve them in front of new versions of the same game. My guess is that this is to drive sales of the used copies instead of the new copies. I call tomfoolery.

I avoid GameStop by all means necessary, and this story gives me further validation of why I do. I’ll give my money to a more honest video game store.

Goodbye GameStop, it was not nice knowing you.


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