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Who else has flip-flopped on their preference on which way their toilet paper rolls?

All my life, I’ve been an over-the-top kind of guy. Most of this goes back to my parents; this was the way they put the roll on. For the first 20 years of my life, this is how I rolled – bad pun and all.

But then, change was a-comin’. There was a nationwide poll by one of the leading TP brands asking which way customers preferred their rolls. To my surprise, something like 80% preferred over-the-top – I was in the majority!

But that got me thinking, what compelled the other 20% to go under? I did some research and found that as you are sitting, the underneath method is supposedly easier to pull the roll without breakage than over-the-top. So I tried it, and I liked it. Immediately, I switched all the toilet paper I came across, whether it be in my house or any other house I was in. So to my friends and family, if you mysteriously found the TP switched over, I apologize.

I was on cloud nine until I was hit by a bad case of a certain four letter word – lazy. I didn’t want to have to do the extra work of switching over the roll roughly 80% of the time just to do my business. It just became too much work to do my business that I eventually stopped – not going, I can’t do that, but flipping the rolls – and went back to over-the-top.

I am the 80%.


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  1. drnate88

    I enjoyed this immensely…. and I’m going to start checking to make sure you don’t change my damn toilet paper roll….

  2. The fact that as a man even put a tp roll on the holder makes me happy enough as a woman. I am the 80% as well

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