RSS Feed URL Update

This is post is just a bit of housekeeping. I became aware of an issue where subscribing to my blog in a RSS reader (such as Google Reader) just using the site’s basic URL – – sends extra articles that are actually drafts or deleted posts. To see only published posts, please add “/feed/” to the end of the blog’s address. It should read I tested this in Google Reader and it fixes the issue. Please re-subscribe to my blog using the updated URL address. Thanks.

P.S. Shout out to Susan for letting me know about the issue.

UPDATE: Adding “/feed” to the URL is not essential. The extra posts were accidentally published then withdrawn. The way Google Reader operates, it caches all published posts and pushes them to subscribers. The URL without “/feed” will show all once published posts, regardless if deleted etc., and the “/feed” URL will only show the last 10 posts on the main page (I think). You may use either address, but I actually had the better updating feed using the basic But follow my blog either way. I’ll write funny things, I promise. Thanks.


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A budding writer giving thoughts on a plethora of topics. Also available for parties.

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  1. Woot! Honorable mention! Yes, this works much better.

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