Hello my name is

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Hello and welcome aboard.

My name is Mike and I’ve recently been hit by the writing bug, and I want to get better at writing. The only way to improve at anything is to actually do it – practice, practice, practice as they say.

I will be graduating college in a few months with a degree in marketing. However, I find writing quite fun and relaxing; enough so to begin contemplating a career shift into writing/journalism. I even joined my school newspaper to get some experience. This blog will serve both as a way for me to write and as an outlet for my thoughts on specific topics. I also think that I bring a unique perspective to my topics. I’m not going to simply report on the topics; you can read the news for that. I wouldn’t waste both of our time if I didn’t feel I was bringing something different to the table.

Now, on to some of my interests:

  • I am a huge fan of music, especially rock, but I don’t limit myself to just one genre; what fun would that be? The only genres I don’t care a great deal for are rap and country, but I love to learn new music. I have also just picked up playing guitar, giving me further insight into the method and madness behind the music.
  • I am also very big into sports: baseball, football, hockey, soccer, even curling. I also follow auto racing, especially Formula 1.
  • I also play video games and I am fascinated with technology.

I will be writing on any topic that strikes my fancy and I warn that I do have a wide range of interests. As stated before, anything about sports, video games, technology, music, or pop culture; I’ll write about it. Don’t be surprised if I write about a topic you might not follow or have any interest in, but you never know, perhaps a topic of mine will strike your fancy.

Thanks again for following and happy reading.

P.S. If you are wondering where the name of my blog, Can Of Corn, comes from, it is an increasingly rare baseball term for a fly ball. I say all the time, and everyone looks at me funny when I use it. I heard an announcer say it once and I thought the phrase was great. The phrase’s meaning is along the same lines as “piece of cake,” implying something is easy. For the more detailed history of the phrase, click here.


About Mike Mixdorf

A budding writer giving thoughts on a plethora of topics. Also available for parties.


  1. You’re officially on my google reader now. I expect updates. Do not disappoint.

  2. Omg…you have joined us in the blogosphere! I really like blogging too. One of my bosses said a reason I got hired was because I had a blog (excellent resume booster, even if you just periodically write about whatever).

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